What is the truth about depression and entrepreneurs?  What about other mental health issues? If you’d believe it, there’s really not that much in-depth information on all of this until recently.

That is until Dr. Michael A. Freeman organized a study to look into mental health and entrepreneurs.

In the entrepreneurial world we hear a ton about success stories, living the high life, and every now and then we hear about some spectacular failures.

But rarely do we ever hear what really takes place in the mind of entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

Rarely do we hear about the emotional struggles that entrepreneurs have to face and overcome on a daily basis.

And rarely do we hear about the other side of being an entrepreneur.

Those are some of the biggest reason this site and podcast are here.

The funny thing is…

The other side (the internal/mental) is actually where entrepreneurs tend to spend most of their time, but they don’t acknowledge that too much.

And it shapes everything they do.

It’s the mindset, identity, and reoccurring thoughts that dictate the actions of entrepreneurs. And everyone else for that matter.

But what happens when we constantly ride the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship?

How do the constant failures, dealing with obstacles, and the insane highs of reaching our goals affect us?

Very important questions that not very many people have researched or tried to answer.stigma mental health

That’s why it was so important for me to have Dr. Freeman come on and discuss all of this.

Dr. Freeman and his team literally dove into this exact topic.  They wanted to know more about the mental health of entrepreneurs and share what they found.

So they did a study called…

Are Entrepreneurs Touched By Fire

To see the study/ download it, click here.

And if you happen to look up depression, mental health, or other things like bipolar disorder or ADHD among entrepreneurs, you won’t find too much.

What you do find usually reference this study.

So I wanted to go straight to the source of the study….

Dr. Freeman.

And he was gracious enough to agree to an interview.

But the important thing about this interview was not to just dig into the results of the study, but to find out even more about mental health and how it affects entrepreneurs.

And I’ll be honest…

Things were pretty eye opening and I’m sure you will find this interview very interesting.

So feel free to dive an listen to this interview with Dr. Freeman.

Oh, and just in case you wanted to know…

This is probably one of the most important interviews I’ve ever done.


Highlights From Dr. Freeman’s Interview On Mental Health In Entrepreneurs

  • How Dr. Freeman became interested in the mental health aspect in entrepreneurs
  • The different views on what mental health actually means
  • Why there is not a lot of information on depression and mental health in entrepreneurs
  • Why entrepreneurs don’t open up, admit, and talk about this topic
  • Why entrepreneurs rarely seek help if they have mental health issues
  • How Dr. Freeman came up with the idea to do the study
  • The surprising stats that the study revealed
  • What the biggest mental health category entrepreneurs fall under
  • What the future looks like in the mental health in entrepreneurs
  • How these mental health issues actually affect entrepreneurs
  • The different types of depression that exist
  • What was surprising about bipolar disorder in entrepreneurs
  • The truth about how family history plays a role in all of mental health.

As I mentioned above, this is probably one of the most important interviews I’ve done.  It’s not a “sexy” topic but since the mind controls just about everything we do, anything that helps understand that is a good thing.

Even if it’s a taboo subject among entrepreneurs.

So make sure you go back and really listen to this interview on the truth about depression and mental health in entrepreneurs.

Dr. Freeman really opens up and shares some important information that many entrepreneurs don’t know.

And if you want to know more about Dr. Freeman you can visit his site at…  www.michaelafreemanmd.com

If you want to see the actual study… click here.

Lastly I would love to know what you think about this topic.  Do you think it’s something we need to open up more about or continue to keep under wraps? Let me know if the comments below.