So the truth about motivation, discipline, and making long-lasting changes is that there’s some “nuance” to all of it.

There’s some external forces at work, but a lot of internal forces as well..

Most of us know that it’s the intrinsic (or internal) motivators that make the real difference. But you also need the extrinsic (external) as well.

And in this episode, you’ll hear a bit about what discipline really is and why there is no such thing as a lack of discipline.

You’ll also hear about how motivation is like a drug and what the downsides of it are.

Because how many people talk about the downsides of motivation… right?

On top of that, we’ll go into one process that will always help you get out of a funk and another process on how to figure out what your internal drivers are and how to use that to make changes that actually stick.

Because if we’re talking about the truth about motivation, and discipline to make some changes in your business or life, then…

You’ve gotta find the deep stuff.

Sprinkle in some of the external motivators, plus a few more pieces to make it all work together.

I think you’ll find this one interesting because it’s a little bit of a different take when it comes to motivation, discipline, and making changes.

So check it out.

Listen To The Truth About Motivation, Discipline, And Making Changes Here

Episode Highlights

  • What is your definition of success and why that plays a role in discipline and motivation.
  • The dangers of following what makes others successful.
  • What type of piece of crap car I used to drive.
  • Why there is no such thing as a lack of discipline.
  • What discipline really is.
  • Why certain disciplines have led you to where you are in life and business.
  • What habits really are.
  • The first step in becoming “more” disciplined.
  • Why we use motivators to get us through different stages.
  • What motivators really are.
  • Why motivators are just like being on drugs.
  • Who relies very heavily on external motivation.
  • What is push motivation and what is pull motivation.
  • What energetic states have to do with motivation.
  • The 3-step system to feeling better and getting out of a funk.
  • How to figure out why you feel the way you do.
  • How to figure out why you’re taking the actions you are.
  • What is the “why” question process and how it’s the key to making changes.
  • Why one performance coach says you are not able to coach desire.
  • Why not being able to coach desire is true but also not true.
  • What makes people quit and give up more than anything else.
  • When people decide to actually make real change in their lives.

Lastly, when it comes to motivation and discipline everyone is different. But in this episode you’ll learn one great process to find the deepest reasons that show why you do what you do and how to use that to make changes.

Just because you see someone as having more motivation and discipline does not mean that you are not disciplined.

And this episode explains all of that and how you can shift into a much better disciplined state.