Thomas Plummer has pretty much seen it all and done it all when it comes to business.  He’s been around for decades and helped thousands of fitness professionals grow their businesses.

So I thought about it for a bit, and realized…

Who better to ask about the current state of entrepreneurs other than Thom?

And that’s exactly what Thom and I ended up doing in this episode.

Since Thom has seen just about everything, I figured he would be a wealth of knowledge about what changes he is seeing in today’s entrepreneurs versus entrepreneurs in the past.

I was curious to know if his business and coaching has had to change to reflect this as well?

And it has quite a bit.  Thom has found he has to spend a lot more time in different areas that he didn’t have to cover in the past.

And we go into all of this in this interview.

But what struck me the most are the reasons Thom shares as to WHY entrepreneurs are changing so much.

And we cover it all in this interview.

Listen To The Interview With Thomas Plummer Here


Thomas Plummer Interview Highlights

  • What the biggest issue/ struggle that entrepreneurs/fitness pros are facing.
  • What is the biggest mistake they are making.
  • How quickly things are changing and how it effects people.
  • What some coaches are missing for a successful life.
  • Why some fit pros/ entrepreneurs struggle more now then in the past.
  • Why more are searching for depth over surface level things.
  • Why balance is the wrong perspective to take when looking to make changes.
  • Why coaches NEVER reach the level that they want to get to.
  • What it is that is actually driving coaches/ entrepreneurs.
  • How social media is affecting entrepreneurs.
  • Why there is such a lack of creativity among entrepreneurs and coaches.
  • Why coaches are more overloaded now than ever before.
  • Why entrepreneurs are searching for what’s “real” and they don’t even know it.
  • What entrepreneurs are afraid to ask if they really want to make it.
  • What they need to ask instead.
  • The biggest difference between this generation of entrepreneurs and the previous one.
  • What the biggest thing is you can do for your life and success.

We hear a lot of talk about entrepreneurs and how they have to “toughen up” more now.  After going through this interview it’s pretty interesting to see why there has been a big push in this direction.

With that being said…

Telling most of today’s coaches and entrepreneurs to “toughen up” isn’t really helping much.  And that’s because it’s an old school mindset of how things worked in the previous generations.

And that approach doesn’t carry over as well as it used to.

Fascinating stuff I tell ya.

So if you want to learn more about Thomas Plummer, make sure you listen to this interview and then check out what he’s up to at