The biggest money problem that exists isn’t a lack of money, or having too much.   It’s something a bit deeper. 

In fact, it’s caused so much confusion in our lives that there are now a lot of miserable people out there because of the money problem you’ll hear about in this episode.

And this doesn’t just go for entrepreneurs and high-achievers, this goes for everyone.

Because if you think about it…

In the end, we all just want a few basic things.

  1. We want to be happy/feel better. 
  2. We want to have a purpose/meaning.
  3. We want to have a deeper connection to something.

And the biggest money problem that exists conflicts with those.

It’s one of the biggest reasons why so many people have money problems to begin with.

So this episode is definitely worth a listen.

If you’ve got a rockin’ business or you’re just starting out…

This will be very useful for you.

Listen To The Episode Here

The Biggest Money Problem Highlights

  • What is the money equation.
  • What is the life equation.
  • Why the money equation does NOT equal the life equation.
  • What money gives you.
  • What it will never give you.
  • How to make money worthless.
  • Why the power of belief is so important when it comes to money.
  • How a guy with “f” you money used it and what his life was like because of it.
  • Why our idea of happiness is wrong.
  • Why money is not just a magnifier of who you are but also a magnifier of your beliefs.
  • Why some really rich people treat people with less money like crap.
  • Do, have, and be versus be, do, and have and why this is so important.
  • How a person I knew in college handled the “no girlfriend” situation and how it ties into the biggest money problem.
  • What the actual costs are to make a $1,$2, $5, $10, $20,$50, and $100 bills.
  • Perceived value versus real value when it comes to money.
  • How to handle this big money problem.
  • What business and life are like when you get rid of this problem.

After listening to this episode it may be like a whole new perspective opens up.

Just understanding it allows you to see not just where you can improve but allows you to see this challenge in others.

In a sense it allows you to understand where others are coming from as well. And that is important in business, relationships, and life.

It doesn’t matter if they have more money than everyone else, or are flat broke. The big money problem discussed in this podcast impacts people at all levels.

And if we can simply understand the idea between the money equation and the life equation (discussed in the podcast)…

It will make things…

So… much… better!!!

So if you want to know what the biggest money problem is then make sure you listen to this episode.