Sometimes you just gotta rage out. Business and life can get overwhelming if you let it.

There are some days that it’s just too much. Nothing goes your way, everything fights you, and it just wears you down.

You’ll hear all sorts of people say how working out is good to relieve that.

Others will say meditation, deep breathing, etc, etc.

But sometimes you just gotta let loose and rage out a bit.

Of course in a constructive and healthy way.

And truth be told, one way I kinda found out by accident. I absolutely didn’t think it would be as good as it was.

But holy hell…

It’s fan-friggin-tastic.

And what I’m talking about are called…

  • Anger rooms.
  • Rage rooms.
  • Smash rooms.
  • Etc.

It’s a place where you pay to…

Destroy and beat the crap out of stuff.

Specifically plates and electronics.

And it’ REALLY fun. And you come out of the experience smiling, laughing, and feeling way better.

Now, of course, you don’t need to be angry, or anything like that to check these out.

And when I visited one recently I wasn’t stressed or aggravated at all. In fact, it was a birthday gift for someone very close to me.

And I decided to bring along a GoPro and edit the footage into a video of the experience. Which you can see below.

But, I’m sharing this because we all get a bit overwhelmed and stressed at times and it’s really important to have outlets.

And sometimes visiting a rage room to rage out is good for you.

I mean, c’mon where else can you…

Take a baseball bat, crowbar, or other tools and start smashing a printer as they did in Office Space?

As for what the experience is like…

Well, the video below should give you a good idea. So check it out.

Oh, and make sure to turn the sound on. It’ll make a big difference.

Obviously doing something like this is all fun and games. I definitely don’t recommend raging out all the time.

The whole working out, meditation, deep breathing stuff I mentioned before will definitely have way more of an impact than an anger room…

But you’ve gotta have some fun in life and what you do.

It should never be all work all of the time.

So have some fun and rage out a bit in a healthy, fun way.