In this episode, I wanted to bring in Travis and Liv Jones. Travis and Liv operate a Fitness business in Australia with multiple locations, lots of staff, and a ton of moving parts.

I wanted to speak with them about what the pandemic has done to the business and how they’re getting through it.

That’s because sometimes it’s good to help put things in perspective.

When we deal with problems we always feel like they’re the worst problems anyone could deal with.

But the reality is, there’s always someone who has bigger problems than us.

The same applies with problems when it comes to business as well.

So getting perspective from a business that is doing things to scale or at a little bit of a bigger level (multiple locations, bigger staff, etc) is always a good way to put things in perspective.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you run a small solo business that your challenges and problems aren’t a big deal.

It’s your life so it’s always a big deal.

But imagine your problems then multiply them because of a lot more moving pieces.

Well, with COVID-19 throwing businesses through the wringer, it’s all size businesses that are feeling the pain.

But the bigger the business, the more challenges they have to face simply because there is more to manage.

So I wanted to speak with Travis and Liv because their fitness business is operating at a larger scale and I wanted to know…

What they’re facing and how they’re managing it all.

But on the other side of it…

I also wanted to know what positives have come from this and what they feel the future looks like.

And their experience is crazy… to say the least.

But there was one interesting piece that came from this interview that I never expected .

And that was it was actually a story of a strong marriage and relationship.

The strength they have as a couple was crucial for them during this time.

And in this interview, you get to hear about all of that, plus some of the crazy shenanigans they’ve had to deal with.

So if you want to know what their life has been like, and what their businesses have been through then make sure you listen to this episode.

Listen Here To Travis And Liv’s Interview

Episode Highlights

  • Who are Travis and Liv, and what type of business it is that they operate.
  • Where they are located and what life was like just prior to the pandemic shutdown.
  • What type of restrictions they were under and how that impacted their business.
  • What the shutdown did to their business.
  • How their staff was handling everything.
  • How they were working with their staff to keep them calm.
  • What type of costs they were dealing with.
  • How some of their landlords treated them because of the pandemic.
  • How one landlord was selling their equipment behind their back.
  • What type of frustrations they felt because of how things kept on shifting.
  • What they have been doing to manage the stress and emotions of this.
  • How this has impacted their family.
  • What positive outcomes have come from this crazy time.
  • How there are a lot of positives that will come from this pandemic.
  • What they feel the future look will look like. 
  • How this pandemic actually strengthened who they are.
  • How they’ve gotten even clearer about what their identities and individual strengths are.
  • Why their relationship is so important and how that’s helped them through everything.
  • What their mindset has been through all of this.

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