So what is the most important question you can ever ask in your business?

Well if you do a search on Google for that, right at the top you’ll see questions like…

How committed am I? What’s my value proposition? What differentiates my products from the competition. 

Actually, these questions were from Forbes website.

So they are great questions to ask. But are they really the most important?

The one thing when it comes to business is…

It’s all about business.

But business is not all about you or your life.

We give business and our careers everything and make them the most important things in our lives…

Even outside of family a lot of times.

But it doesn’t always give us what we want from it. So yes, questions like…

What’s my value proposition and am I outsourcing what I need to are really important.

But there is one question that is NEVER asked when it comes to business, life, career, and pretty much everything else. And it’s a question that sounds really off and makes no sense to what is being written or said here but it’s important.

So what is the most important question you can ever ask in your business? Well, it is…

“Did I laugh today.”

Wait… what?  WTF does this have to do with business?

It doesn’t even look like it makes sense to what is being laid out here, but this question has so much power behind it, it’d be crazy to not ask it.

And in this episode you’ll hear exactly why this question is so important. You’ll hear why it’s never even thought of, and at the end, you’ll see how the question…

“Did I laugh today,” is actually the canary in the coal mine for your business, your life, and pretty much everything else. 

And you’ll definitely want to understand why you NEED to ask this question.

Listen Here To This Episode

Episode Highlights

  • The one big question you are never asked that is really important.
  • Why laughter is the canary in the coal mine of life and business.
  • What we are really good at doing and it’s not a good thing.
  • Why we laugh less than kids.
  • The true reason we really run our businesses.
  • Whether or not business should be something you enjoy or not.
  • Why the amount of time you work determines how much laugh.
  • How laughter is an indicator of many more things than something being funny.
  • How a case of seriousitis can develop.
  • What fulfillment has to do with laughter.
  • How we let our work dictate our day and not the other way around.
  • The two big questions to ask yourself to determine your enjoyment with biz and life.

So yeah, you can ask all the important business questions that you should ask to grow your business, but what is the most important business questions you can ever ask?

Well, it’s something I’ve never been asked when it comes to business but it’s so important.

And listening to this episode you’ll hear what it is and you’ll see why it’s so important.