At some point in our lives we’ve all tried to figure out how to make hard decisions. We spend way more time on deciding than we should.

We then get stressed, overwhelmed, and actually make the whole decision making process harder.

Especially as an entrepreneur you have to make a lot of decisions.  And a lot of big decisions. Then combine with regular ole’ life playing a role, and you can get slammed pretty hard.

The toughest ones are always the ones which have a really strong emotional connection.

Usually the reason you drag your feet on making a hard decision is because of that emotion.

Well all deal with this from time to time.

And if you go on Google and type in how to make hard decisions you’ll find all sorts of tips and tricks to make them. But in my research not a lot of them go into what I want to share with you in this episode on how to make hard decisions.

In fact, this episode is a bit different from previous ones.

That’s because it’s a full on episode where I’m telling a story. I’m explaining what’s going on, and then breaking down why things are happening, my thoughts, and feelings to explain how you can use this to make some very hard decisions.

The funny thing is what I share isn’t really a big deal at all.

In fact it was just over buying a new toy.

But how everything went down, and the way it played out, was almost like watching a movie from the 80’s on how to be a douchey sales person.

Imagine Don Johnson (Miami Vice) being a dirtbag sales guy.  That’s pretty close.

And it all ended up making a very basic simple situation, an enormously stressful one with a lot of games being played.

Which lead to stressing out, and trying to figure out how to get out of this situation I put myself in.

The way I got out of it is exactly what I’ll share that will help make your hard decisions easier.

It’s the same big thing you can rely on to make really hard decisions as well.

And it never fails…


We’ve just forgotten how to use it.

So if you want to know what to use to make those big, bad, difficult decisions, and hear a really incredible story of some douchebaggery from some sales people, check this one out.


How To Make Hard Decisions And Not Be A Douchey Salesman



Episode Highlights

  • Why too good to be true, actually is (in this case).
  • The full on story of the douchey salesman experience.
  • How this salesman set up his office to subliminally manipulate people.
  • How he dressed to try and put people at ease.
  • How he leveraged shitty tactics to try and make the sale.
  • How I ended up feeling sick to my stomach because of the situation I got into.
  • How not to sell people.
  • How I caught this sales person in a big fat lie and how he reacted.
  • Why I knew from the moment I walked in, that something wasn’t right.
  • How you can handle tough situations.
  • How to make hard decisions without spending more time than you need.
  • Why this tool to make hard decisions is never wrong, and NEVER FAILS.
  • Why too many entrepreneurs don’t use this tool.
  • What are the benefits of using this in your everyday life besides just making decisions.

Now if you like the movies Boiler Room, or Wolf Of Wall Street and believe that’s how you should sell, then you’ll enjoy listening to the techniques this guy was using on me and others.

But I personally don’t like those techniques.  And they were also a big reason why these guys didn’t end up with me buying from them.

So if you want to know how to make hard decisions, and hear an awesome story about some shady sales stuff you’ll enjoy this one.

And if you have any comments or questions, let me know.