So I decided to reach out to Carrie Kukuda and ask if I could interview her about what her experience has been like dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as a business owner.

I wanted to get her take on all of it. That’s because she always has a unique way of looking at things.

What was interesting (which you’ll hear in the interview) is how during this pandemic she had to make the choice to renew the lease for her business or find something else.

And in times like this…

That’s a pretty scary thing to face.

But I knew Carrie. I knew that she’d look at all of this differently than a lot of other entrepreneurs.

And what’s cool is that she didn’t disappoint in our interview.

Plus, I took a little bit of a different approach on this podcast.

It was more of “having a conversation” instead of a heavy focus on the X’s and O’s.

That was because this whole COVID thing is a human challenge.

And sometimes simply talking with entrepreneurs like Carrie and just having a conversation can be much more useful than trying to pull out the tiniest of details.

So this makes for not only a good podcast episode but also a good conversation.

Now, if you are interested in the X’s and O’s…

Then don’t worry there’s a bunch of that as well.

For example, if you want to know how she designed her business so that COVID didn’t impact it that much…

You’ll hear all about that and a whole bunch of other cool info.

So if you want to know about how Carrie is managing the COVID-19 pandemic from a business and personal perspective then you’ll enjoy this one.

Listen To Carrie’s Episode Here

Episode Highlights

  • Where Carrie is right now during the whole pandemic.
  • What life has been like for her during this time.
  • What the biggest personal and professional challenges have been.
  • Why she decided to move her business to a new location during the pandemic.
  • What kind of challenges that move presented to her.
  • How she knew the new location was the right choice for her.
  • How her landlord was being a pain during this time and how she stood up for herself.
  • How long it took to make the move.
  • What she’s doing to make sure her clients were being taken care of.
  • What she did and continues to do to take care of herself.
  • How other entrepreneurs can see this pandemic as a positive.
  • How the pandemic is reflecting what’s really important for people and not just businesses.
  • Why taking time for yourself during everything that is going on is so important right now.
  • How she designed to operate her business so that COVID didn’t impact it much.
  • What steps other business owners can take to keep themselves sane and moving forward right now.
  • How choosing what you can control right now is important.

And if you’d like to know more about Carrie or if you’d like to connect with her then you can do that by reaching her on Facebook.