If you’re married and own a business together you may already know what it’s like to run a business with your spouse.

But what I’ve found is that very few people actually talk about the realities of what it’s like, and how to really work together to make the business work.

So I reached out to a married couple that I know who run a sports business together.

That is Vince and Marisa Malts.

I asked them if we could do an interview on what it’s like for them to run their business together?

They agreed.

But I told them to not hold back.

And I asked them to really share the TRUTH about what it was like.

The ups and downs and everything in between.

And they definitely did that.

What I found really interesting is the tips and advice they share on how they make it all work.

Which led to some VERY interesting back and forth during the interview….

And some good laughs.

So if you are a married couple and own a business together, you will find this episode VERY helpful.

If you’re not married but own a business, you’ll find this very entertaining and eye opening. Because what Marisa and Vince share will help any relationship. Even if you don’t work or run a business together.


Listen To This Episode Of What It’s Like To Run A Business With Your Spouse

Vince And Marisa Interview Highlights

  • How long they’ve been married for.
  • The interesting story of how they ended up having a business together.
  • What challenges they’ve had while running the business.
  • What their roles are in the business.
  • What gets neglected the most in their lives.
  • How they structure their time to make everything work.
  • How they are able to focus to get the important things done.
  • How they separate their personal time from their professional time.
  • What their boundaries are and what happens if those boundaries get crossed.
  • What the business would be like if they didn’t work together.
  • What each of their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • What the biggest element is that has helped any issues that have popped up.
  • How they’ve created a system to keep each day flowing smoothly.
  • How to make it all work while being parents.


Here’s the interesting thing about this episode…

Marisa and Vince are also parents (as you can see from the pic above).  So listening to how they manage their time and business while being great parents is fascinating.

Running a business is never the easiest thing.

Running a business together with your spouse is something completely different.

There is a very interesting dynamic that takes place. Which you’ll hear when listening to this episode.

And if you are married and run a business together, I’d love to hear what it’s like to run a business with your spouse?

Let me know in the comments below.