Ever really think about the cost of entrepreneurial overwhelm?

What it does to you, to others, and how it affects your business and life?

Well.. we all feel it, we all let it affect us at some point during our journey. What is funny is that it affects all of us, but it all affects us differently.

Some of us completely shut down…

Others pile on more work because if they feel they are busy then they don’t think about the stress…

And others (most entrepreneurs in my experience) learn to just deal with it. Which is not the best thing to do sometimes

The funniest thing about overwhelm is that we are the ones who create it.  No person or thing does.  We do.

So I invited Chris Perilli on to talk about all of this. That’s because Chris runs multiple businesses, is ALWAYS busy, and still travels quite a bit for one of his businesses.entrepreneurial overwhelm

So he knows a thing or two about entrepreneurial overwhelm.

And in our conversation Chris goes into what it’s done to him, and how he has been able to manage it.

Not only that, the conversation evolves into why we as entrepreneurs face struggles, pain and stress from what we do.

At some point every entrepreneur has hidden the fact that they have faced some sort of overwhelm and pain from what they do.

Chris is no different. But in this episode he talks about this.

He even shares the story of how he realized how overwhelmed and stressed he actually was.

The good thing is…

He found a way to manage it and keep the levels low.  And he shares how he does that during this episode.

Listen To Chris’s Interview Here…


 Highlights From Chris Perilli’s Interview

  • When he realized what overwhelm was doing to him.
  • Why he didn’t realize what it was doing to him.
  • How hard it is to really run your business from home.
  • What type of discipling it takes to run the business from home.
  • Why it’s so difficult to turn your brain “off.”
  • How much you give in you business versus having a job.
  • What triggers Chris’s overwhelm.
  • The process he uses to deal with overwhelm.
  • How he works through and creates systems for his business.
  • What his to-do list is like.
  •  What Chris does when he is overwhelmed.
  • How overwhelm affects him.
  • How his wife simplifies his life.
  • The affect meditation has on Chris.
  • What entrepreneurs need to do more of to deal with overwhelm
  • How influence can affect overwhelm.
  • The issue with having coaches and mentors
  • How overthinking is hurting entrepreneurs and creating a lot more overwhelm and stress
  • How social programming affects entrepreneurs
  • Why there is always be “one more thing.”
  • What the biggest lie is that entrepreneurs are told.
  • Why you don’t need to work 16 hours a day to be successful.

So after listening to Chris’s interview hopefully you are a little more aware of what overwhelm can do, and how the unspoken truths can add to it.

If you want to know more about the businesses that Chris runs you can check them out at…

www.dojomuscle.com and www.pixelmobb.com

And I’m very curious to know what the cost of entrepreneurial overwhelm has done to you. And what you do to manage it. So let me know in the comments below.