Pain and suffering in entrepreneurs. Yeah. It’s actually a real thing. But since we are “entrepreneurs” we are expected to have our shit together.

We are expected to not let the trivial things in our day to day lives bother us.

We are put on this pedestal by society as some superhuman people that are supposed to make tons of money and create some really cool stuff.

Which a lot of us do.

But the reality is, we are human.

We feel the same feelings, pain, and anguish as any other person.

The big difference is, because of the stigma attached to entrepreneurs and that we are supposed to have our shit together, it seems like we are not allowed to talk about what we struggle with.

It’s some unwritten rule that we should never talk about our pain and the suffering we’ve gone through to achieve our dreams.

In fact, we probably go through more than the average person because we put ourselves in riskier situations. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

But also the bigger the chance of failing.

So in this episode of The Other Side Of Being An Entrepreneur I wanted to openly talk about the pain and suffering side of things and what truly causes it.

Not only that, I wanted to share a few things that can help when we actually hit one of those painful speed bumps in our entrepreneurial journey.

So if at any point you’ve ever failed…

Ever felt that pain…

Struggled or suffered because of it…

This is worth a listen.

What Causes Pain And Suffering In Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Pain And Suffering Episode Highlights

  • Why pain and suffering in entrepreneurs is worth talking about
  • What the surface level belief of pain and suffering is
  • Why failure doesn’t even exist
  • How your failures help or hurt with pain
  • The two big elements that truly cause pain and suffering
  • The difference between these two elements.
  • How each one plays an important connecting role in the other
  • How entrepreneurs pretend to deal with their pain.
  • Why goals are bad for you
  • Why goals are good for you
  • What is a good alternative to goal setting
  • How other people impact your level of pain and suffering
  • What you can do be more aware of what’s going on
  • How you can work through those painful times

One thing I didn’t mention about all of this is…

Struggle is a big part of all of this as well. Many entrepreneurs are really good at struggling.

That ability to struggle can not only cause pain and suffering, but it can also make that pain and suffering in entrepreneurs worse.

Entreprenerus struggle for many reasons. Some are more prone to it than others.

But every entrepreneur at some point in their lives… struggles.

And the real causes of pain and suffering you hear about in this podcast episode, are also the same things that lead to/cause struggle.

So make sure to be aware of that.

With all this being said…

There is a silver lining to it.

And that is…

All that pain, suffering, and struggle is what you learn from. It’s what makes you learn more about yourself and what you can do.

It’s also what keeps you from making the same mistakes over and over again.

So pain and struggle in entrepreneurs isn’t such a bad thing.

Some of us just deal with more of it than others.

The quicker you learn to work through it, and understand the real causes of it, the better things will be in the long run for you.