It’s amazing what the fear of judgement and lack of connection can do to most of us.  There are so many things that just the fear of judgement alone can do that it boggles the mind.

Then throw on top the feeling that no one understands you.

That no one wants to know you at a deeper level.

And you have a recipe for a pretty “interesting” life.

Want to know what’s funny?

Well, besides how I randomly think about these things like this…

I noticed a video on Facebook from an entrepreneur named Khaled ELmasri (pretty cool dude by the way).

In this video (which I posted below) Khaled bears his soul about how the fear of judgement and lack of connection with others has completely held him back.

It was one of those raw and real videos, and it really struck a chord with me.  That’s because I know how much the fear of judgement had held me back, and many of people I’ve worked with as well.

So I was amazed that Khaled had the hutzpah to open up and share a video like that.

It impressed me so much that I connected with him and asked if I could do an interview with him on how judgement and lack of connection with others has really effected him.

And he agreed.

In this interview with Khaled, he opens up completely.  I ask him some deep and uncomfortable questions and he shares it all.

So check it out…

Khaled ELmasri Interview

Fear Of Judgement And Lack Of Connection Interview Highlights

  • Why Khaled doesn’t speak at his own events
  • How long it took for him to post his video
  • What the real reason for bearing his soul
  • What influenced him to share this video
  • What he felt before he released this video
  • What type of response the video got
  • What he did to try and get a sense of belonging when he was younger
  • The real deep reason why he created and hosts what is called the NorCal Summit
  • What he didn’t do because of the fear of judgement
  • What sharing the video did for him that was unexpected
  • What his self value was like for most of his life
  • Why more and more entrepreneurs are opening up about some of their deeper issues
  • How video can create the connection that many entrepreneurs are looking for
  • Why his events allow people to connect on a very deep level
  • Where the fitness industry is going according to Khaled
  • What the trainer of the future will be like
  • What type of “internal” work Khaled had to do to be able to finally open up and share his story
  • Why he finally realized that his story will help other entrepreneurs
  • How sharing this story and experience is now driving him to share more “deep stuff”
  • Why perfectionism is also something that has held him back
  • How fear and failure continue to feed off of each other
  • How Khaled deals with failure and fear


Here’s The Video Where Khaled Opens Up And Shares Everything

Did you watch this video?  If not, take a few minutes to do it.  It really is powerful.

The fear of judgement, and lack of connection with others really is a big issue.  I know this entrepreneur dealt with this and now spends some time helping others with this as well.

Hopefully this interview and video of Khaled will help to show entrepreneurs that they are not alone.

If you want to learn more or connect with Khaled, him him up on Facebook.

And if want to leave a comment on what the fear of judgement and lack of connection can do to others, leave a comment below.